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Bringing awareness to the healing power within

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Natasha Haesen

Registered Holistic Nutritionist


Life Force Nutrition is a multi faceted wellness company. As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, my clinical focus is centred on working with clients to develop nutritional practices that meet individual biochemical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs. I offer one on one nutritional consulting and group workshops through my website. Life Force Nutritional also offers a line of hand crafted natural holistic aromatherapy products, medicinal products, and plant wax candles with wooden wicks. My products are inspired by the very same principles that guide my practice, living clean, and feeding our “life force”

Contact Natasha www.lifeforcenutritioncanada.com

647 467 6907 Orillia and Beaverton Area



Liliana Curtean & Ioana Gogean

We are two mamas who, together with our kids, could not fully fit into any of

the education systems/alternative schools. 

Once we discovered unschooling, we experimented with it and made it a way of living. 

We are now very passionate about it and love living this way. 

We believe that this is the way to move forward and raise the next generation.


Our goal is to share our unschooling journey in the hopes that it will encourage more

parents to take the leap and step out of the matrix together with their children.


Contact Liliana and Ioana

 Mighty Network Page:  https://home-instead.org/spaces/10949442



Aimee Marples

Registered Homeopath RDH, DCHM, RHom


Aimee Marples is a Registered Dental Hygienist as well as a Registered Homeopath.  

She works to help people move through their illnesses

(acute and/or chronic)& to create a healthier lifestyle overall, as well,

she loves to educate people on the ease and benefits of introducing homeopathy into their lives. 

Aimee also writes article submissions for the quarterly published Maple Magazine.


 Contact Aimee www.aimeemarples.com IG: @lovehomeopathy FB: Aimee Marples 289-716-1152



Renata Love


Womens & Mens Healing Circles

 Medicine Ceremonies

EmPowerment Readings

Children’s Mindfulness Programs

 Instagram https://www.instagram.com/renatalove111/






Sarah Choujounian 

Registered Practical Nurse


Sarah Choujounian has been a nurse since 2004 & has been working in a nursing home for the greater part of her career. In 2017, she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which was the catalyst for her life changing actions.

Through natural healing, she was able to get completely clean,

lost 60lbs & healed herself from most of her fibromyalgia.

She is the co-founder of Canadian Frontline Nurses, an organisation aimed at

uniting nurses, educating the public & bringing the ethics back into healthcare.

She is presently working on creating the mental health initiative

“Lighting Up Dark Corners” , created to empower people to explore the root

cause of their mental health challenges & discover natural ways to heal & rise.


Contact Sarah lightingupdarkcorners@hotmail.com  lightingupdarkcorners.com



Diane Wargalla

Key Note Speaker and MC


 Diane Wargalla is the author of;

“Living Supernatural In The Natural World ~ Never Underestimate Your Ability.”
As a Enlightened Sage, Medium, Futurist, Public Speaker, Coach and Entrepreneur; Diane uses humour, personal experience and transitional playful exercises to help you develop your own ability to communicate with the greater intelligence that lies within you.

To build a life of empowerment and greater happiness. 


Contact Diane diane@dianewargalla.com dianewargalla.com

Gerard Hibbert

Founder and MC


Gerard is a Spiritual Life Coach, Emotion code and Unity field healing practitioner.

One of his greatest joys in life is being witness to the transformational breakthroughs in others.

Gerard approaches life from an energetic viewpoint.

This entails guiding those he works with to a place of understanding the voice inside.

It is from here where one can unlock and open the gateway to a far greater

knowing of who and what we truly are.


Contact Gerard gerard@realisation.ca  GerardHibbert.ca Realisation.ca


Pamela Robinson

RSSW RTC, CHCP Rev Pamela M. Robinson


Pamela is an accomplished Therapist, Hypnosis Practitioner, Reiki Master and Author of “Musings for Life.” These titles mean nothing without Pamela’s eye-opening events in combination with

her witchy twist; embodying and infusing love into all she does. 

She wants everyone to know “We are so much more than our human stories.”

Pamela is the proud owner of Evolove Healing and is now Embarking on a

new venture here with The Aquarian Shift.


Contact Pamela https://evolovehealing.com pamela@evolovehealing.com

https://www.facebook.com/pamela.m.robinson https://twitter.com/evoloveangell



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