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Bringing awareness to the healing power within

Susan Rei
Natalie Stiver
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Sam Draganac

Hi, I'm Sammi (she/her), a dedicated Master Empowerment Coach, Mindfulness and NLP practitioner

and a fierce advocate for women's mental health and wellness. With a heart brimming with passion

and over 20 years of experience,

Together, let's break the chains of self-doubt, embrace our inner goddesses, and live the life we truly deserve!

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment?

Let's connect and create a life that's authentically and unapologetically YOU.


You can find me via email at 3norns.circles@gmail.com OR-on social @the3norns or

@_thehealinghub_ on Instagram or on Facebook at The3Norns

Natalie Stiver


Have you seen what water does when you apply different vibrations and frequencies to it?

Knowing that our bodies are made up of over 75% water, can you imagine the

healing benefits that sound therapy can offer?

I'm Natalie Stiver, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Psychotherapist and

Sound Therapy Practitioner using tuning forks. 

Tuning forks are an amazing way to release stagnant energy and balance our emotions and sense of well being.


Bobcaygeon is where I call home and you can reach me by emailing me at info@nataliestiver.com

Jen Aves

International Practitioner of Holistic Medicine - Executive Practitioner

Board Certified Master Reflexologist- Owner of Balance Health Solutions

I have always had a desire and drive to work and help others. I started many moons ago in Alberta at the Universal College of Reflexology where I got certified in foot, hand and ear reflexology, integration of color for reflexology as well as reiki level 1 & 2 certified. I then achieved a certification in massage through the Northern Institute of Massage Therapy where I continued to grow my massage practice at the Energizer (TELUS Corporate gym). With a focused drive to tap into any knowledge aiding in health and wellness. I then completed a couple of Can-Fit-Pro certifications as a personal trainer and nutrition specialist allowing me to build a well rounded health & wellness business. Nowadays you can find me on Lake Simcoe cold plunging, embracing my love for paddle boarding, enjoying a N6 CrossFit class or hitting the bag at Rumble Martial Arts kick boxing as I continue on my life's purpose of giving through wellness. (905) 960-0823

https://balancehealthsolutions.com Instagram:@balance_health_solutions

Facebook Balance Health Solutions | Facebook

Daniela McQueen

RP-CRA, RRPr Alternative Therapist


Daniela has an innate ability to heal.  Her enthusiastic dedication to her calling is not something you see every day. She truly believes  that anything is possible when you ask for it and attune yourself to that energy.  She helps people reach for this goal through Reiki, Reflexology,

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Aromatherapy,

A Reiki Master and Certified Reflexologist, she has been practicing energy healing in the

Newmarket, Ontario area since 1995. Crystal Healing, Meditation and other healing practices.


www.healinghandstherapies.ca daniela@healinghandstherapies.ca 905 506 6597

Vj Bala

Vj is educated & experienced in engineering, ethical entrepreneurship, and life coaching.

Through private counseling, cacao ceremonies, coaching, music lessons, and business guidance, VJ aims to illuminate one's true essence and path towards abundance. Drawing from personal hardships and extensive travel, VJ serves as a source of light, blending teachings from various disciplines to reveal inner beauty and self-discovery. VJ's desire is to show you the true beauty within you. He applies teachings from the yogic sutras, quantum physics, socio-economics, music, and more, to shed light on your true situation, so that you yourself can see that the answer was always with you.


Contact info: VJ Bala IG: @LetsMeetAtBalaSana (coaching, healing, etc.) This is where I post about all my offerings.
www.spaceof.love  vj@megalith.net Tel#: +1-647-4576181


Christine Roy

Christine is a Reiki Master and certified coach practitioner with over 10 years of experience in the healing arts. She discovered her passion for energy healing after experiencing its profound effects on her own physical and emotional well-being.

Through her work, she helps her clients release negative patterns and beliefs, tap into their inner wisdom, and live more fulfilling and joyful lives.

In addition to her practice, offers workshops on topics such as mindfulness, stress reduction, women’s healing circles.


Contact Christine  resoulyourlife79@mail.com



Lynn Himmelman 

Life Transformation Mentor / Forgiveness & Laughter Coach 


Who's that "somebody" in your life that seems bent on giving you a hard time no matter what you do or say? How much is it costing you in time, energy, and peace of mind to let them get to you, yet again? If you're ready to take back your power and stop being the victim of their inappropriate behavior then New Decision Therapy(TM) is very likely the answer you've been searching for. As a Certified Master Practitioner of New Decision Therapy(TM) Lynn, has been providing her expertise in Trauma-Release and Life-Transformation for over 26 years. Here at GWHS she will be offering specialized 15-minute NDT(TM) assessments. There will also be a limited number of 40-min. time slots available so that you can clear the negative effects of a difficult relationship and return home feeling lighter, recharged, and much happier than you've felt in awhile. Find her current classes, workshops & training to address stress & anxiety, transform personal & business relationships, activate fulfilling life-experiences, and tone your Laughter muscles (haha!), on Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/lynn-himmelman-life-transformation-mentor-10930281107 

Private sessions can be booked by calling 416-469-2033 (landline - no text)

or by visiting her website at http://www.YourLifeTransformed.ca

Susan Elizabeth Rei

Susan  been teaching and practising Energy Medicine, Wholistic Medicine, and Neuromuscular Dance Fitness for 25 years. She is extensively trained and certified in a multitude of techniques and modalities including a Black Belt in The Nia Technique, Master Teacher Level Holy Fire Usui Tibetan Reiki, Celtic Shamanism, Mindfulness, and Sound Healing to name a few.

Susan is passionate and committed in helping all Humans to take back their personal power to self heal,

and to protect their Divine Authority through Ascension Teachings and the almighty power of the “I AM” Presence within.


Susan ElizabethRei nia.meehan@gmail.com  bodymindmedicine.com

Meredith Kerrigan

"ReallyWell" - Bowen Therapy. A super relaxing and restorative soft tissue practice that releases pain, tensional and injury patterns with a passion and expertise in stress and burn out.  Serving a large area of Southern Ontario since 2006. 

 Meredith Kerrigan, CBHT, EP has trained in over 25 modalities since the 1980's and will be offering mini sessions of Bowen Therapy on the half hour for those who are keen to experience something truly unique and effective.   Although Meredith can wiggle her nose, the magic is through her hands and years of helping her clients to heal themselves.

 Email:  ReallyWell@myyahoo.com



.Phone: 416-301-9499


Renee Edwards

My name is Renee Edwards.  I am an Emotion Code Specialist and Reiki Master. 

I will be offering mini healing sessions to identify and release trapped heart wall emotions and

other trapped emotional energy that causes physical and emotional symptoms in the body

by vibrating at a low frequency.  I use muscle testing to identify the emotions and use a magnet to release them.




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